Long Term Care Insurance


What is it?
Long Term Care covers help with daily activities such as walking, toileting, eating, bathing, and dressing, received at home or in a facility.

What are the costs?
Registered Nurse: from
$15 to $35/hr

Monthly Cost for a room with one bed in a: Public  facility is $1,500 ($18,000/year)*
Private facility can be as high as $5,000 ($60,000/year)

Who pays for it?
You do. (Public facility costs are not covered by the Quebec provincial health insurance plan if you own assets).

The solution?
When you purchase a Long Term Care Insurance policy, you not only safeguard your assets from the cost of long term care, but also increase your independence and control over future needs. It also could reveal itself to be an estate saver.

*The Financial Contribution payable by Accommodated Adults – Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec.  
 Could you afford a stay in a Long-Term Care Residence?
Most of us believe there is no charge for a stay in a government (public) Long-Term Care Residence. This is not true.

If you are over 50 years old and have assets to protect, but aren't wealthy enough to comfortably pay for long term care out of your savings, you should consider long term care insurance now.

A sound financial plan should include Long-Term Care Insurance
Offered by a few well-established insurance companies, Long Term Care insurance makes good sense as part of a sound financial plan to help individuals and families through difficult times. And it is surprisingly affordable. Here are examples:

Monthly premiums for $1,500 of monthly benefit for life
Lifetime facility care, 90-day elimination period, based on annual premiums.

Age at time
of Purchase










You only pay premiums for a limited time, yet your coverage remains in force for life! Plus you do not pay premiums while you are on claim!

The application process is simple and you choose how much benefit you want to acquire. Available for ages 30 to 80.

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